Attending Mass

The celebration of the Mass

(also known as the Eucharist) is at the heart of the life of every Catholic community. The Mass is a sacrifice offered to God the Father in thanksgiving for all we receive from him and for the sins we commit when we turn away from Him and follow the ways of the world in deliberate defiance of his will for us.

Reception of Holy Communion is the ultimate sign of our unity with one another and for this reason Holy Communion can only be given to members of the Roman Catholic Church in good standing with the Church.

It is a great sadness that the church is divided because of the sins of man but we are all joined together in Christ through our common baptism.

This means that members of other Christian communities while very welcome to attend mass and take an active part in the prayers and worship cannot receive Holy Communion. If this prevents you from receiving Holy Communion during a mass here please be aware that this separation gives us pain as well. While others are coming forward to receive Holy Communion please spend a moment to pray for church unity. Please also see the note below about those not receiving Holy Communion.

How to participate in the Mass?

Be punctual in arriving.

Participate in a prayerful and joyful manner with our Community.
Pray and sing, adding your voice to that of others if you know the words otherwise you can listen or say the prayers quietly if you know the English words
. e.g. Our Father = Padre Nostro....

Stand, sit or kneel as others around you do:

- During the readings, except the Gospel, the homily, while bread and wine are presented and after Communion, pending the final prayer.

Kneeling (if possible) or standing with your head bowed:
- During the consecration and elevation of the Body and Blood of Christ..

Stand at other times.

 Exchange the Sign of Peace with those around you, without leaving your seat.

How to receive Holy Communion?

Interior dispositions:

While all are welcome to join us for mass or any other service only members of the Roman Catholic Church may receive Holy Communion.

You must be aware that you are not in a state of mortal sin. Otherwise you must go to confession before Holy Communion. (priests are available for this)

It is very timely to renew our faith in the true, real, substantial presence of Christ.

External provisions:

Approach the Blessed Sacrament in an attitude of meditation and prayer;

Abstain from all food for at least one hour prior to communion. Children, the sick and elderly are exempt from this requirement.

How many times can you receive Holy Communion?

If you have the necessary provisions, whenever you can attend Mass, but in any event, no more than twice a day.

If you do not receive Holy Communion?

Remember to make an act of spiritual communion by  expressing faith, devotion and the desire to spiritually receive the Body and Blood of Christ, when you are unable to actually receive it.


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