Visiting the Church


What is the Church?

The Church is:

The House of God,  a symbol of the Christian community that lives there, and our heavenly home;
The place of prayer,  especially where the Eucharist (Mass) is celebrated and where we worship Christ truly present in the tabernacle;
Christian House of Our Earthly Fullfilment,  where the faithful gather to pray, hear the Word of God, and sing the praises of the Lord;
It is also a place of Christian art:  The sacred images reflect the beauty of God, announcing the truths of Christianity and God's call to prayer.

Things to do before going to church 

Remember you are entering a sacred place:

Stop talking;

Turn off your phone;

Check that your clothing: is respectful of your body "a temple of the Holy Spirit" and the House of God.

When you enter the Church:

Make a sign of the cross with holy water available as you enter the church.

(Claim your baptism, in which you became a child of God);

Identify the tabernacle at the center behind the altar.

(indicated by a burning lamp)

and then, in front of it:


Perform an act of worship by genuflection or at least with a deep bow, recognising Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament reserved here;

Stop for a moment in prayer;

Then if you want, find and pray before the images of the Madonna and Saints (you are asking the saints for their prayers – not worshiping images);

Observe silence, if you need to talk, please do it quietly.

© don Giorgio Miles 2018